An information literate individual is able to:

Determine the extent of information needed.

Access the needed information effectively and efficiently.

Evaluate information and its sources critically.

Incorporate selected information into one's knowledge base.

Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.

Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally.

-Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

Request Customized Sessions for Your Classes

Faculty members are encouraged to request hands-on information literacy sessions for their students tailored to specific topics, themes, or class research assignments.

Simply click on the campus where your class is held and complete an online Library Instruction Request form for your classes:

Downtown Instruction

Goochland Instruction

Parham Instruction

Distance Learning Instruction

If you would like to review the various information literacy skills that can be covered in a session, please check our Research @ Reynolds Library modules

Please give us at least one week's notice to prepare for your class.

Integration of Information Literacy Modules into Blackboard

The Research @ Reynolds Library LibGuide contains seven information literacy modules created by Reynolds librarians to assist you with information literacy instruction. This guide covers the skills sets for a complete research process as defined by the ACRL Information Literacy Standards in Higher Education.

Each module is accompanied by a 10-question assessment while a 30-question pre- and post-assessment is also available to cover all modules. In a spring 2012 pilot study, a dozen English 112 faculty members integrated the seven modules and assessments into their courses. Data results indicate the online Library Research modules had a significant and measureable impact upon student learning.

Feel free to contact Denise Woetzel or Hong Wu if you are interested in deploying the modules and assessments in Blackboard.

Customized Research Guides

Librarians will work with you to create customized research guides tailored to specific research assignments or topics covered in your class.

These course guides can be linked from your Blackboard course sites. LibGuides Home or Beyond the Textbook: Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

If you would like to discuss this option further with a librarian, call 523-3333 (Downtown Campus) or 523-5325 (Parham Road Campus).

A Few Tips

If you cannot fit a library instruction session in consider requiring or offering extra credit to students who attend one of our open workshops. We offer workshops at the Downtown and Parham Road campus throughout the semester. This might also serve as a backup option for students who are absent during a scheduled library instruction session during a class period.

Also, submit an online Assignment Alert form so that we are better prepared to assist students with their research.