As defined by Appendix B of the RALC By-Laws, the committees of RALC consist of:

Program Proposal

Duties of RALC Committee Chairs

  1. Contact all committee members for correct email and phone numbers. Update the RALC Wiki with any new information.
  2. Attend RALC Board Meetings held in January, April and October each year. Take notes to present to your committee and give a report to Directors of your committee’s activities.
  3. Plan meetings:
    1. Send announcements of meetings via email and also through Courier Service in print. (If Directors receive a written meeting announcement at their Board meeting, more people attend.)
    2. Minutes of your meetings should be approved by members (email is fine) and posted on the the RALC Wiki
    3. At the end of each meeting's agenda, it’s good to have sharing and question time. Everyone learns from this.
    4. Review your committee's mission and revise as necessary.
  4. Through your committee, decide what program to sponsor. RALC encourages one per committee per year.
  5. Complete a Program Proposal and send to Paul Porterfield. This form is on-line at the RALC Web page and easy to complete.
  6. Send announcements to all committee members and Library Directors in plenty of time for planning.
  7. Print the Program Evaluation Forms and have all participants complete these. Turn in to Paul Porterfield.
  8. After the program, complete the RALC Follow-up Program Report and present at the next Director’s Meeting.