Program Follow-Up Report

Report to the RALC directors an evaluation of all RALC sponsored programs. Include the following information. Submit a copy of the report to the RALC treasurer, Paul Porterfield (, UR-MRC.

  • Program title and date:
  • Reported by (name, committee and institution):
  • Brief description of the program content (trends identified, etc.)
  • Were the goals and objectives met? Explain.
  • What value for RALC resulted from this program?
  • Financial Report: expenses and income.
    • What financial support was approved by the RALC directors? How was this utilized?
  • Participant Evaluations:
    • Number of participants
    • RALC: Other: Number of RALC institutions:
    • Did participants feel they could apply the information professionally? Personally?
    • Briefly summarize participant evaluations.
    • How effective was the teacher/speaker/organization? Should they be used again?
    • How could the program be improved?
    • Do you have suggestions for future programs, or have you identified a need for furhter programs on this topic?
  • Other Comments: