Program Proposal

Provide the following information (where applicable) when presenting a request for RALC support of programs. Requests for RALC support may be presented at the quarterly RALC directors’ meetings. If you require faster action, present the proposal to the treasurer who will direct it to the Executive Committee. For information, contact the RALC Treasurer, Paul Porterfield (, UR-MRC.

Background Information

  • Committee Sponsor / Cosponsor
  • Contact Person: name, phone, e-mail, RALC institution
  • Date by which you need a decision concerning RALC support?
  • Name of Program
  • Brief Description of Program and its Content:
    • Goals & Objectives; What ideas of knowledge, skills or ideas will be presented?
    • How will you apply this professionally? Personally?
  • Who is teaching/speaking/presenting the program? (Person or Organization) Credentials:
  • Date(s):
  • Time: (begin/end)
  • Where:
  • Number of expected participants:
    • RALC:
    • Other (describe):
  • Number of RALC institutions expected to participate:
  • Target audience (describe):
    • Administrators
    • Librarians
    • Support Staff
    • Other

Financial Information

Consult with the treasurer to prepare this section
  • Describe financial support needed from RALC
  • Expense:
    • Registration fees and related incidental expenses (travel, food, etc.)
    • Program cost (i.e., speaker honorarium, facility, supplies, etc.)
  • Income: Other participant’s fees
  • Other Information: