Interinstitutional Loan Agreement

March 1990, Revised 4/2001, Revised 1/29/2008, Revised 5/2/2017

The members of the Richmond Academic Library Consortium (RALC) make this Interinstitutional Loan Agreement to promote sharing of library resources within RALC. The members of RALC (with their respective OCLC symbols) are:

  • PZK J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College: (Downtown Campus)
  • PZM J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College: (Goochland Campus)
  • PZL J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College: (Parham Campus)
  • PZN John Tyler Community College
  • VIC Library of Virginia
  • VRM Randolph-Macon College
  • PZC Richard Bland College
  • VUT Union-PSCE
  • VRU University of Richmond
  • VRL University of Richmond Law Library
  • VRC Virginia Commonwealth University
  • VSC Virginia State University
  • VUU Virginia Union University
  1. General Guidelines

    1. The RALC Public Services Committee will review this agreement annually, and recommendations for change will be forwarded to the RALC Directors.
    2. It is recognized that participating libraries will, from time to time, have internal pressures that will deny the loan of certain materials (such as reserve books, bound journals, special collections, or material in poor condition). However, each library will be as generous and responsive as possible.
    3. Every effort will be made to return material on time to the lending library. The lending library will send overdue notices and billings directly to the borrowing library for material borrowed either through interlibrary loan or by institutional pass. The borrowing library is responsible for notifying patrons of overdue material. The borrowing library has final responsibility for any material borrowed for or by its patrons. Should material be lost or damaged, the borrowing library is responsible for reimbursing the lending library for the replacement and processing costs, as determined by the lending library. The lending library is responsible for notifying the borrowing library of material that is not returned promptly. The lending library will notify the borrowing library of charges for lost books and other outstanding balances by November 15 for the Fall semester and April 15 for the Spring semester.
    4. Before issuing the interinstitutional borrowing pass, the borrowing library will determine whether or not it owns the material. If it does not own the material (or it is not available), the borrowing library will verify that a RALC library owns the material before sending an ILL request or patron. The patron is responsible for checking the actual availability of the item upon visiting the lending library. Ownership does not guarantee availability. The following institutions require their students to produce a RALC pass: John Tyler Community College, Randolph-Macon College, Union Presbyterian Seminary, and the Library of Virginia.
    5. The lending library's policies and procedures will apply in all matters not specifically mentioned in this agreement.
    6. These policies are minimal guidelines, which may be exceeded by mutual agreement between individual borrowing and lending libraries on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Interlibrary Loan

    1. RALC libraries agree to request interlibrary loan materials via OCLC. The requesting library will use the OCLC "affiliation line" to note that this is a RALC request. ALA forms may be used if there is a problem with OCLC access.
    2. In accordance with VIVA guidelines, most items will be loaned for eight weeks use with no renewals. Some non-book materials may have shorter loan periods at the discretion of the lending library. Books may be recalled for the use of one of the lending institution's primary users whenever necessary.
    3. The number of books loaned will be determined by the lending library.
    4. The lending library will attempt to supply photocopies via ARIEL (preferred) or fax. Photocopies may be sent by the next shuttle, if their content or volume prohibits transmission via ARIEL or fax.
    5. Further information is available in individual institution interlibrary loan policies and in the Virginia Interlibrary Loan Code.
  3. Interinstitutional Passes

    1. RALC libraries agree to loan books directly to undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty at other RALC libraries free of charge.
    2. At all member institutions, faculty and staff need only show their IDs. At several institutions, students may also use their IDs; however, students at the following institutions must obtain a pass from their home library in order to borrow from another RALC institution: John Tyler Community College, Randolph-Macon College, Union Presbyterian Seminary, and the Library of Virginia.
    3. The lending library may require that RALC borrowers also obtain a library card issued by the lending institution before borrowing materials.
    4. Books will be loaned for a minimum of 3 weeks, with renewal subject to the lending institution's policies and item availability.
    5. A minimum of five books will be loaned at one time to staff members, undergraduates, graduate students and faculty.

    Note: Revisions were made to items 3.B, 3.C and 3.D in January 2008 as requested by Ginger Young, President of RALC Executive Committee (2005-07) and Director of of McGraw-Page Library, Randolph Macon College.