Web User Group

As the purpose of the Richmond Academic Library Consortium (RALC) is to “further the development of the academic libraries of RALC and to sponsor projects for the mutual benefit of its members”, we propose the formation of a RALC Web User Group. This group would consist of Richmond area professionals who work on library web projects. In addition to RALC, participation would be encouraged and open to the Richmond area public, museum & archive community. The purpose of the group would be to discuss and share current practices, projects, research, and trends in web librarianship. Potential areas of discussion might include library website design, incorporation of social media, accessibility standards, and mobile web development.

Library webmasters (where they could be identified) from seven RALC schools have been surveyed to determine if there is interest in such a group. Encouragement from all seven of those institutions has been received.

We do not feel that a formal committee (as defined in the RALC By-Laws) is needed for this and that a "user group" would provide a more informal environment for the sharing of information. Membership will be voluntary. The group will meet at least 4 times per year on rotating RALC campuses. VCU Libraries commits to manage a listserv for the user group which will be used for ongoing discussion. Meetings will be announced on both the user group and the general RALC listserv. Since membership is voluntary, attendance at meetings would need to be approved by a supervisor.

The advantages of associating the user group with RALC are:

  1. Increased visibility for RALC
  2. Staff development for RALC institutions
  3. Formation through RALC would encourage institutions to support participation in the user group (e.g. meeting spaces and leave time)

Approved 10/19/10