Printers, which are also photocopiers and scanners, are available at each campus library. Copying and printing costs $.05 per page (except for color, which costs $.20 per page).

When you print from a library computer, you must go to a print station to get your documents. You will need an Equitrac print card to pay for your print job. The same card will pay for photocopies.

The Equitrac print card costs $1.00 and must be loaded with at least $1.00 in value. This will print or copy up to 20 pages. The card is reloadable and can hold up to $10.00 of value. The Equitrac Pay Station, where you can buy the cards and add or check value, accepts only $1.00 and $5.00 bills.

Scanning is free. A library staff member can show you how to scan materials to your USB drive.

How to Print for the First Time:

1. Get an Equitrac print card.

2. Print your document from any computer. When it is time to enter a release key (a password), type in something simple like your initials. The system will calculate your costs. Click “ACCEPT” to send your document to the print station. If you need to print multiple items in one session, use the same release key for all of them.

3. Go to the print station and type in the release key you used. If there is no place to type, tap “End Session” on the monitor screen to see the text box. Follow the instructions on the screen. Insert your Equitrac print card into the card reader. Your document(s) will print and payment will be deducted from the card’s value.

4. If you need help printing in color or with other issues, please ask for help setting the printer properties.

How to Buy an Equitrac Print Card:

*If you need help, please ask any library staff member. We are glad to assist.*

1. You must have at least two one-dollar bills.

2. At the Equitrac Pay Station, press #1 on the keypad, then insert a dollar into the bill acceptor where the green lights are flashing. A plastic card will pop out of the card dispenser.

3. Push your new card into the slot at the top of the machine labeled Add/Check Card Value. Insert a one or a five dollar bill into the bill acceptor where the green lights are flashing. The value will be added to the card. You will not get change back from a five dollar bill.

4. Press D on the keypad to eject your card.

Click here to view a video that will show you how to purchase a print card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Printing:

1. Can I use a debit or charge card to buy my print card?

Answer: Sorry, no. The vending machine is only set up to accept paper bills—ones and fives.

2. Will the Equitrac pay station take coins instead of paper money?

Answer: No, the vending machine is only set up to accept paper bills—ones and fives. Ask at any service desk for help; sometimes library staff has change.

3. I only have one dollar. Is that enough?

Answer: It costs two dollars to set up for printing. One dollar will buy a card, but the card comes with no value. You must add at least one dollar in value on the card to pay for printing.

4. I only have a twenty dollar bill. Can the library break it for me?

Answer: Sadly, no. The library does not keep that much cash. But the Business Office can often give change.

5. Why does the card cost a dollar?

Answer: That is what the cards cost the college.

6. Why do we have to pay for printing?

Answer: Before the libraries had the print card system, people would print out and abandon large print jobs. This cost the college a lot of money and was also really bad for the environment. Low-cost printing helps encourages people to consider the most economical and efficient way to print, and also saves paper—and trees.

7. I have an Equitrac card from John Tyler Community College that looks just like the ones at Reynolds. Why can’t I just use that?

Answer: The coding on Reynolds cards is different from the ones from Tyler. You may want to label your cards so you can tell them apart. We have Sharpies.