Exciting new books have been arriving in our Library all through the summer.  Be sure to check out:

  • Mezzatura: Fragments from the Common Ground, by Ahdaf Souef.
    “. . . an incisive collection of essays on Arab identity . . . that seeks to locate the Mezzaterra, or common ground. . .” BJ1481.M46 2006B
  • Happiness, a History, by Darrin McMahon. What did it mean to people throughout history that humans have not always considered happiness an “inalienable right?” BJ1481.M46 2006
  • The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, by Tim Gallagher “. . . And then it happened. Less than one hundred feet away, a large black-and-white bird . . . came out into the sunshine . . .We both cried out simultaneously, Ivory-bill!”
  • The Discoveries, by Alan Lightman. This author always moves us into the world of science in surprising literary ways- his latest book takes us on a tour of the best ideas in twentieth century science! Q180.55.D57L54 2005
  • Writers on the Air: Conversations About Books, by Donna Seaman. From the Chicago-based radio show, “Open Books,” interviewer Donna Seaman presents fascinating glimpses into the minds of diverse modern writers, including Chitra Divakaruni , Chang-rae Lee, and Julia Glass. PS225.S43 2005

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