Sometimes we take for granted what services our libraries provide.  Everyone knows that libraries provide a place where books, periodicals, videos and other materials can be accessed without any cost.  However, your library may not have all the items that you need.

Even though your library may not own an item they can usually obtain that item for you by using Interlibrary Loan.  Interlibrary Loan is a cooperative agreement among libraries to lend to one another.  It allows people to access materials that would otherwise be unattainable.  At JSRCC this is a service provided to you for free.  The only time we charge for borrowing is when the lending library charges.  We try to borrow from institutions that lend for free.  As stated in the article written for the Chronicle of Higher Education, What Goes Around, this is not a service offered at all institutions of higher learning.

So take advantage of this wonderful service that is provided to you by JSRCC libraries.  You can request materials using this form.

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