Books, videos, downloadable audiobooks . . . if it’s in a library near you, these plug-ins let you find it in WorldCat no matter where you are on the Web. 

The Facebook Application gives you access to WorldCat searches and user-created lists from personalized pages within your Facebook account. The application includes a Home screen with WorldCat search box, as well as quick links to WorldCat searches based on topics listed in your Facebook profile as personal interests.

The application includes a:

  • built-in, advanced WorldCat search.
  • panel that allows users to invite other Facebook friends to install WorldCat.
  • Something to Read panel that displays books recently added to WorldCat lists.
  • Favorite WorldCat Lists panel where users track their own lists or those of other WorldCat users.

You can also search WorldCat from anywhere on the web using browser plug-ins for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Click here for details.

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