In February, our blog discussed the just-released African-American National  Biography, which had been recently purchased in print by the Library of Virginia.

Now JSRCC students and staff can browse this amazing resource online, along with four other major reference works in African-American history and culture, using our latest database, the Oxford African-American Studies Center !

Information spans the centuries, from the influence of ancient Egyptian mythology on African culture, to the rise of Hip-Hop in the 21st century. “Feature of the Month” covers such topics as Jazz Greats, Kwanzaa, and Women and Literature. “Timelines” explore women’s history, business and labor, sports, military history, literature, and the African Diaspora.

Edited by Henry Louis Gates, the Oxford African-American Studies Center provides more than 7,500 articles- biographies, subject essays, primary sources, plus images, maps, charts, and tables. This site will be updated 3-4 times a year to provide our community with the latest information in African-American studies!

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