ebsco203One convenient option for making reading material available to students through Blackboard is to create persistent links to full-text articles found in EBSCOhost or other library databases.  Some of the advantages of providing persistent links to articles are:

  • Students do not have to come to the library. They can access articles anytime and anywhere.
  • It familiarizes students with research databases. Linking provides students the opportunity to see and use the database without having the added responsibility of evaluating and choosing the information from the database.
  • The responsibility falls on the database vendor to handle the copyright issues (e.g., to pay the copyright holder when there is a requirement for that to be done). You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting the necessary permissions to: place copyrighted materials in the library’s reserves, photocopy the material, or download the full article on your Bb course site.

Copying and pasting persistent links from EBSCOhost to your Blackboard course/s is very simple:

  1. From your result list in EBSCOhost, click on the article title you are interested in. 
  2. When the article appears, scroll down to Persistent link to this record.
  3. Copy and paste the permalink into your Blackboard course.


For more information on creating persistent links from articles found in EBSCOhost or other databases, checkout the links below or contact the Reference Desk:

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