The big tv in the Parham Campus Library’s current periodicals area usually stays off–we don’t have the right kind of antenna yet. But instructional support technologist John Smith set us up with a borrowed feed yesterday so the campus community could watch the inauguration.  A good number of students, faculty, and staff gathered around to watch the event.

Obama inauguration at the PRC Library

2 thoughts on “Obama Inauguration at the PRC Library

  1. We did the same here at John Tyler–showed the inauguration in the library. We used the projection systems to show the live feeds on three of our drop-down screens. Staff, students, faculty–we had excellent attendance. Great success!

    On a more personal note, it was very exciting to watch the inauguration with a group. Somehow it seemed more special, and even more significant to share the event with others. Watching it at home alone would not have been as moving.

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