Interestingly, the UK newspaper, The Guardian, has an article out discussing a poll that says the book someone is reading (and the books on their shelves) impress potential significant others. While the poll is not scientific by any means, the results are interesting.  Not only are bookshelves great places to find similarities and differences between people trying to learn more about each other, but also great places to start conversations. 

With the release of Amazon’s Kindle 2 and its Kindle app for the iPhone, the media has recently been praising electronic books, but as the guys from the popular (but not always work-appropriate) web-comic Penny Arcade point out, we shouldn’t necessarily forget ‘old technology’. 

Click on the image below to enlarge cartoon:

Penny Arcade - Progress
Penny Arcade - Progress
Though I highly doubt electronic books will wholly replace the tactile experience of a real book any time soon, as technology advances, will the print book survive? And if it does not, how will that impact the way we communicate and find common ground (especially on first dates)?

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