What do you think about spending it with Abraham Lincoln? Hear the personal story of an outstanding American History teacher in Virginia who did just that- by taking students to visit national monuments to our nation’s 16th president.

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday! Be sure not to miss the upcoming Around the World Through Books program at Parham Campus’ Lipman Auditorium in the Massey Library Technology Center on September 24 at 7:00 p.m. Author/teacher James Percoco will present his book, Summers with Lincoln, in the first book discussion event of the new academic year.

For a great publication on Lincoln’s significance, visit Abraham Lincoln: a Legacy of Freedom.

For a remarkable collection of original Lincoln images, visit Lincoln Images: Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before.

For a fascinating article revealing  the controversies surrounding Richmond’s own Lincoln statue, view this article from the Newspaper Source database.

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