You may want to think twice before using your cell phone in the library,  computer lab, or classroom.  A series of experiments conducted at Cornell University found that college students made more errors when completing tasks when listening to one-sided conversations (cell phones) when compared to two-sided conversations. Lead study author, Lauren Emberson, explains “Much of how humans process language is based on the brain’s ability to predict, or anticipate, what comes next in a sentence. One-sided conversations make it more difficult for the brain to make these predictions, so listening is more distracting.” Emberson’s research will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal, Psychological Science. To read more about this study, click here.  In light of this research, please be considerate of others and make every effort to turn off your cell phone while in public places.  Your fellow students will appreciate you for following JSRCC’s Learning Environment Principles.

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