Remember that the first 10 pages are free, and after that, it’s 10 cents a page — if you have a hefty PowerPoint slideshow every class period, you could end up spending a lot of money (and using a lot of paper!)

Did you know you could print multiple slides per page? This could save you lots of money throughout the semester!

After clicking the Office Button and selecting ‘Print’, this dialog box will appear:

You can decide which slides you wish to print with “Print Range” (for example, you don’t have to include title slides)

To print multiple slides per page, under “Print What:” choose ‘Handouts‘ instead of ‘Slides’.  You can determine the number of slides (between 1 and 9) printed on each handout page. Unless the text on the slides is small, or has detailed pictures, 6 slides per page should be legible.

If you need help, ask a librarian. We’re happy to show you how this works.

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