Pew Internet graphicThe study “Library Services in the Digital Age” from the Pew Internet & American Life Project has just been published. The study asked adults (over the age of 16) about their public library use.

Top uses of the library:

  1. Borrow books
  2. Browse print and media
  3. Get help

Adult’s opinion of public library services:

  • 80% of Americans say borrowing books is a “very important” service of libraries.
  • 80% say reference librarians are a “very important” service of libraries.
  • 77% say free access to computers and the internet is a “very important” service of libraries.
  • 59% stated that comfortable places to read and study were a priority.

The study includes more analysis, including results broken down by education, income, community, etc. The study also includes information about eReaders, web use, and mobile devices.

Want more info? Check out the summary or get all the details with the full report.

Your turn: How do you use your JSRCC library? Do you work in our study rooms, browse the DVD collection or get help with schoolwork? Let us know in the comments!

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