With the end of the semester just weeks away, you are probably feeling the weight of a significant amout of work ahead.overwhelmed_student

Do you need help with your research assignment?   With creating citations?

Stop by the Reference Desk at any of the JSRCC campus libraries to receive…personalized, one-on-one, expert assistance in finding, evaluating, and citing resources for your upcoming research paper or project.   We can help you find the sources you need for all those papers.  Citing sources for your “Works Cited”  page can also be tricky with lots of details.  We can help with that too!

If you need in-depth assistance (30-60 minutes), you can also schedule a free research consultation appointment with a Reference Librarian at any location.  You can always call us:

Some tips from the blog http://blog.chegg.com/2011/10/27/20-tips-for-managing-the-last-month-of-the-semester/may may help as it lists “20 Tips for Managing the Last Month of the Semester”.  Here are just a few:

  • Devote your time to the reading that really counts.
  • Plan to work harder to get it all done.
  • Look for the “plot” of the course.
  • Take advantage of review sessions, study guides and office hours.
  • Don’t blow off classes.

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