Need a Downton Abbey fix before Season 4 debuts in 2014? Try Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey (A Downton Abbey Parody).

agent gates

At Devonton Abbey, the Granville Family enjoys a life of wealth and privilege.

But not all is as it seems! Gates,  Mrs. Kewes, Larson and The Dowager are all secret agents…and Devonton is in jeopardy!

All of the dramatic tension from the Downton Abbey series, like…

  1. Will the telegram reach Lord Granville…unIRONED?
  2. Will Sweetsy the Pekingese produce the long-awaited a male heir to Devonton?
  3. Will the snuffbox collection go UNPOLISHED?

The drama is unending…


  1. Cry with laughter at the Dowager’s scathing wit!
  2. See Gates thwart evil with his steampunk-style titanium leg!
  3. Watch as O’Malley smokes another cigarette!

Don’t let the graphic novel/sequential art/comic book format fool you—this is seriously funny stuff!  Fans of the Downton Abbey series will love this quick and humorous read.

Find Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey at PRC Library – or request it be sent to your campus!

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