These are perilous times for libraries–or would be, if libraries were stuck being traditional repositories of print materials. People like libraries, but not just as a place to come fetch books anymore.

Libraries are changing. Here at Reynolds Libraries, we are constantly looking for ways we can be up-to-date and more useful. What we need to know is–what do people want from libraries? What do they value? What should change, and what should be left alone?

That is why we welcome a new report by Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, called The New Library Patron.  In an October 29, 2013,  Slideshare presentation (see below),  Rainie, along with Kathryn Zickuhr and Kristen Purcell, shows results from people who were asked about the impact of public libraries on their lives. Over 90% say libraries are important to their communities, and 76% say libraries are important to them and their families. This is good news!

Review the presentation below to find what people surveyed find so valuable, and what they wish libraries would do for them. Sure, the study is about public libraries, but many of the findings can be more broadly applied to academic libraries like us.

And then maybe you would like to add a comment to this post about what Reynolds Libraries offer that you find useful, or what you wish we could do that is different.

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