Do you need help putting together your Works Cited page?  Has your professor required you to use a “peer reviewed” article, and yet you don’t even know what that is?  Are you unsure how to insert page numbers on the top openhouseright hand side of a Microsoft Word document?  Good news!  Reynolds Librarians provide free, open and flexible workshops to answer those questions and more.

If you need ongoing semester long support, stop by our library classroom every Wednesday at 10 am (Downtown Campus) or every Tuesday at 10 am (Parham Campus)  for some fast, hands-on help.  But if you need specific guidance we have workshops ranging from MLA and APA format to how to use your smart phone or iPad to find some really great resources.  The bottom line is this: Reynolds librarians are here to help you succeed.  Check out our workshop calendar and, hopefully, we will see you soon.

Open Sessions: Downtown Campus – Rm. 212: Wednesday from  10-11  and Parham Road Campus – Rm. 103J:  every Tuesday 10-11. 

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