loftanLoftan Miller, who was the Coordinator at Parham Campus Library, is now the new Coordinator of DTC Campus Library.  Loftan served as the college librarian at Rappahannock Community College for the past five years, before joining Reynolds in May 2013.  In addition to the management of the daily operations of Parham Library, Loftan helped with the hiring of two full time library specialists and five part time library technology assistants for the transition of the open computer lab computer into the library.  Most importantly, Loftan welcomed the birth of her 2nd daughter Olive on August 31st, 2013!  Recently Loftan requested to be transferred to DTC Library due to her extensive experience of working with nursing faculty members and the library review for LPN/RN accreditation.  With her energy, dedication and experience, Loftan will be an asset to DTC Campus Library.  Please welcome Loftan!

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