Reynolds library has recently licensed several excellent databases that will serve to support student success.


With Access World News students can search a comprehensive collection of newspapers (including the Richmond Times Dispatch).  Coverage is provided for —local, state, regional, national and international content and it includes almost one thousand hard-to-find local and regional titles, the majority of which are unavailable elsewhere.

America’s Historical Newspapers is an excellent resource for students seeking primary sources.  This databases chronicles three centuries of American history and provides content dating as far back as 1690 and as recently as the 1990’s.

National Geographic Archives provides full access to National Geographic magazine.  This is an amazing resource, not only for its thorough and in-depth journalism that NatGeo is known for, but also because all of its amazing pictures can be used for educational purposes.natgeo

Culture Grams is an easy-to-use database that captures vital statistics and unique cultural values of countries?  Do you want to know the literacy rate in Chad or the left expectancy in Mongolia?  Are you doing a PowerPoint and would like to use pictures capturing the day-to-day life of Bangladesh?  Start with Culture Grams.

Additionally, Reynolds has licensed Lippincott Nursing and Health Assessment videos

In sum, we’ve added some great resources for you and your students.  All four databases are available on and off campus; when coming in off-campus just enter your MyReynolds username and password.   And for regular access to all of our online resources, check out our A to Z list.

And if you have suggestions requests of databases or new materials, know that we’re here to support you and your students.



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