Web RedesignFor the past year, Reynolds Library has been working on a library website redesign. The mission of the new site is to
provide an intuitive and instructional conduit for academic research.

The redesign incorporates some of the newest web standards (such as html5 and CSS3). Additionally, the new website is responsive which means that the layout of the website adapts to the device that you are on. The library has received significant feedback from students and library staff. Now, it’s your turn!

Please review our developing website at http://library.reynolds.edu/mobile/and offer constructive feedback using this link by July 25th. All input allows the option of complete anonymity. Feel encouraged to share this site with others. The more input we get, the better we can refine the site. Finally, though the site has been tested on multiple browsers, screen sizes and portable devices there are always outliers. If you discover a visual “bug” using a certain browser or portable device, please include that information in your feedback. It is essential that we test this site in every way possible.  Happy viewing!


Website Redesign Feedback Needed

Although, final production date is contingent upon your feedback, the library hopes to publish the site before fall semester. The success of the future site, depends upon your candid input now.

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