Alright, cadets, listen up! At this very moment, the library is looking for a group of adventurous students to take part in a brand new focus group about technology on campus and in the library.

Who are we looking for?satellite

First, you have to be a Reynolds student. Secondly, you have to have something to say about technology. Whether you love it or hate it, technology is a part of our world and we use it every day. It makes our lives both more simple, and more frustratingly complicated. And for you, the student, this means that, like it or not, you have to use technology for most of all of your research and classes. So help us help you navigate this complicated world of gadgets and gizmos by telling us what you need. We need your voices, your opinions, your ideas, to shape the future of technology at Reynolds.

(If that didn’t convince you to take part in the group, did I mention there are prizes involved? And yummy treats too!)

We’ll be hosting two sessions next week and you can find the info below:

Monday, Nov. 16th at 11 AM

Parham Road Campus library (Massey building), Room 103-J

Tuesday, Nov 17th at 10AM

Downtown Campus library instruction room, Room 212

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