The other night I was selecting a streaming video of a late night comedian/talk show host. I was looking at March dates and began watching. The show was being filmed from the host’s garden and the host himself looked very pale and washed out. He began talking about COVID, which was certainly not unusual when it dawned on me that this was done in March, 2020, not 2021. No wonder he looked so bad!

Then he and his guest began to discuss the pandemic, saying “well in a couple of months when this is all over…”

What a good thing that none of us knew how long we would be dealing with this…

Here are a variety of web pages from the past year discussing various aspects of life since the pandemic began.

The Economy

  • Five Charts that tell the story

  • The Wall Street Journal on U.S. jobless claims



  • Covid-19’s Impact on Students’ Academic and Mental Well-Being,that%20were%20offered%20by%20schools.

Health Care System

Covid-19: a heavy toll on heavy toll on health care workers

Overstretched health workers describe battling Brazil’s worst Covid-19 wave yet


What a year of dating during the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle has been like


Human Rights

Protecting human rights in the time of COVID-19


COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination

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