It’s National News Literacy Week! Most of us are inundated with information these days–social media floods us with news links every minute of the day. But which of those tweets, Tiktoks and Instagram posts are reliable? Which of the news outlets they’re quoting are credible? Which are worth believing, “liking” and forwarding to your aunt?

One easy way to know you’re getting reliable, pre-vetted sources is to find those sources through a Reynolds database! Access World News (Newsbank) is your gateway to thousands of U.S. and world news stories from high-quality outlets. If you are off-campus and access any library database, you will be prompted with a Virginia’s Community Colleges login screen. Use your My Reynolds login to access the databases. Try out the Access World News database and find trustworthy information on everything from coronavirus to the Cannes Film Festival!

Want to learn how to become a more discerning news consumer? Register for our library workshop, Making Sense of the News, this Friday, 1/28, at 12pm via Zoom. During this workshop you will learn about tips and tools to help you to evaluate and recognize the differences between fact and fiction; news and and advertising and opinion; and bias and fairness. 

Another excellent resource to increase your news literacy is our LibGuide Fake News: Separating Fact from Fiction. This thorough guide will lead you through recognizing misinformation, understanding filter bias, separating satirical news from real news, and much more!

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