You may have seen the new whiteboard surveys in the Parham and Downtown Campus Libraries. Every week or so we change the question and invite your responses.

This last week at Parham we’ve asked how you would finish the sentence, “I wish the library would….” Some of the answers were fun! And some address real issues. We want to share our responses.

Student responses to the prompt, "I wish the library would..." Yellow sticky notes contain library responses
I wish the library would . . .

Suggestion: Fix the drink machine.

Library response: We understand the drink machines and the snack machines are glitchy and don’t work sometimes. Unfortunately, we can’t mess with the machines. But we did figure out who can contact the vendor to send out a technician, so if you come tell us about a problem, we promise to report it to the right person.

Suggestion: Fix the card machine for printing.

Library response: Good suggestion. The problem is that our pay station for printing, which used to accept Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, and other e-payments, now only accepts cash.

The electronic payments failed because the pay station communicated with the computer with a 3G network connection, and suddenly the software upgraded and now only communicates with 4G and above. Reynolds Information Technology folks have been negotiating with the vendor, and it turns out it would cost thousands of dollars to upgrade our equipment, far more than we expect to collect in print payments for the next few years. So the pay stations will continue to operate on cash only. You can use one or five dollar bills, nickels, dimes, or quarters.

But what if you have no cash? The campus stores are selling print cards now for $10.00 and they accept credit/debit cards. Sure, ten dollars is a lot of value, but the money stays on your account for future printing needs as long as you are a student plus one semester.

To activate a print card, go to https// and log in with your MyReynolds username and password. Choose Redeem card from the menu and enter the number on your print card.

Screenshot of menu
Choose Redeem Card from the PaperCut menu

If you need help, any librarian or staff member will be glad to assist.

Similar Suggestions:
1. Let me sing Annie...
2. Have dance parties once an hour.
3. Have live jazz band performing and be less hot.

Library response: We think you might be making a little fun of libraries’ reputations for shushing people! But the first floor of the Parham Library is okay for conversation, collaboration, and, yes, even occasional music. Before COVID we used to have performers come in from time to time to play acoustic music. The president of the college, Dr. Rhodes, who was here before President Pando, even brought his guitar to the library once and played a song to honor the birthday of Dr. Seuss. So we could have music from time to time. If you would like to perform or recruit a group to entertain, please talk to us. We will try to work something out. We don’t have a music budget, alas.

But we know you all understand that libraries are here to support students’ academic success, and one of the things we offer is safety and quiet. The downstairs area of the library is a quiet study area. And if we have music upstairs, we want to schedule and announce it so people who prefer silence can plan around the event.

You know, we have an exercise bicycle in the library for anyone to use, and if you like, you can sing or dance — quietly, with headphones maybe, in a study room downstairs. Those rooms aren’t soundproofed, but you can take a few minutes in there to destress. Just be respectful of people who are studying nearby, please.

Similar suggestions: Be less hot. Actually be comfortable (less hot).

Library response: We hear you! Sometimes this semester the Parham library has been so hot we have needed fans, and sometimes it’s a little chilly. Part of the heat problem comes from our wonderful picture windows, and part of it is an ongoing HVAC problem. The Reynolds Facilities department is waiting for parts to come in to fix the chiller part of our heating/air conditioner system. We have to wait for that. But just last week we had solar film put up in the first floor library windows. This is already helping to keep the room from getting so hot. We can tell it is making a difference, and expect the summer to be much more comfortable than previous years.

Suggestion: Have a restroom IN the actual library.

Library response: We wish the building had been designed with a restroom accessible downstairs too. It’s a hassle to collect all your stuff and take it upstairs and across the hall and back. Structural and plumbing changes aren’t going to happen in the library. We share your pain. Sorry, we just can’t fix this.

But what we can fix, we do! So bring us your suggestions; we will do what we can. Let us help you with your research. Let us give you a safe place to study or hang out. Check out our books, use our tutoring services, find information in our online databases. Use our computers. Borrow our headphones and phone chargers. Ask us questions! We want to help you succeed. That is our ultimate goal.

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