Have you ever thought about starting your own garden? Growing your very own cucumbers, tomatoes or even corn? With spring on the doorstep and the warmer weather on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to start planning for that garden. The Goochland campus library may have a plethora of books about gardening; how and where to get them started, from outside in the backyard or even in the kitchen in your apartment. However, the books can only get you so far. You’re going to need the actual plant or seed to get started. That’s where the seed library comes into play!

What’s a seed library? A seed library is a collection of seeds that are available to the community to borrow, plant and if your thumb is green enough, harvest and return some of the new seeds to keep the circulating cycle going. Anyone can use the library, simply fill out the membership form and you’re done!

The seed library currently holds a variety of different plants, ranging from watermelon, hot peppers, summer squash, basil, and all the way to award winning beans!

If, unfortunately, you are unable to make it out to our beautiful Goochland campus, there are a bunch of seed libraries all over the state of Virginia. Virginia Beach public library, Chesapeake public library, Augusta County public library, and even the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden are just a few of locations that hold seed lending libraries.

Seed libraries are a perfect place to get your feet wet, or in this case… dirty, when starting your own garden and growing your very own food or herbs as well as being part of your local community of farmers!


Virginia Beach public library:


Chesapeake public library:


Augusta County public library:


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden:


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