If you’re anything like me, and a lot of you are, as the end of each season of The Great British Bake Off ends, you anxiously await the next season. Well, my baking beauties, wait no more; it’s back! Twelve new bakers will enter the tent next week, plus one new host, and yes, I need someone to remind me to breathe!

I was late to the GBBO party, but once I got there, I jumped in whole heartedly. When I started watching, I didn’t know a macaron from a macaroon, but now, I stare horrified as I watch bakers, short on time, forced to frost a cake just out of the oven (THAT’S GOING TO MELT RIGHT OFF!!!). I pass judgement on bread showstoppers like I’m Paul Hollywood himself (oh that was definitely over proofed). And I somehow get to the point where I am convinced, I too can bake a handshake-worthy 3-D sculpted cake depicting my favorite childhood memory.

Just hearing the theme music instantly calms me down. Even in the most stressful moments, the bakers, hosts, and even judges are all lovely to each other. It is remarkably refreshing to watch people in direct competition with each other still show each other kindness and empathy. Watching this show just makes me happy, plain and simple. And who doesn’t need an extra little bit of happiness?

If you too harbor dreams of baking the perfect loaf of bread, the perfect pie crust (NO SOGGY BOTTOMS!), the perfect showstopper, why not check out these books and start elevating your baking game. Turn your kitchen into “The Tent”. Let us know what you bake, and most importantly, bring us samples!

Available at the Downtown Library, The Great British Bake Off: How to Turn Everyday Bakes into Showstoppers is the PERFECT place to start in your quest for tent-worthy treats.
If you want to REALLY work on your skills, here is the ultimate guide to all things pastry. With 100 recipes, and gorgeous photos, Pastry School will have you believing you should open your own bakery.
Not quite ready to tackle financiers but you still want to make something fancy? Check out Hello, Cupcake a super fun collection of super cool cupcakes. Have a bake sale coming up? These will get top dollar and will make you a LEGEND!
No wanna-be GBBO kitchen would be complete without BREAD. Oh, the smell of fresh bread baking…is there anything better? Living Bread has recipes inspired by bakers from around the world, and they’re sure to inspire you too!

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