Instagram for InstaCredit?

The library is proud to introduce the new and improved Library Scavenger hunt! The Library Scavenger hunt is a great activity for your class that incorporates technology, information literacy modules, and a library orientation all in one fun session. Students working in teams search for library resources and post their answers, with a few selfies … Continue reading Instagram for InstaCredit?

Snopes for Images: @PicPedant

Pyramids and the Milky Way?   No, not really. How do you know the image you are viewing is a real photograph and not a computer-generated image? YOU DON’T. Never fear, the attribution angel is here! @PicPedant takes images found online—often from reblogging sites like BuzzFeed and Tumblr— finds the original author and attributes them. … Continue reading Snopes for Images: @PicPedant

Search WorldCat from Facebook or Anywhere on the Web

Books, videos, downloadable audiobooks . . . if it's in a library near you, these plug-ins let you find it in WorldCat no matter where you are on the Web.  The Facebook Application gives you access to WorldCat searches and user-created lists from personalized pages within your Facebook account. The application includes a Home screen … Continue reading Search WorldCat from Facebook or Anywhere on the Web