For Book Lovers

LibraryThing  ( is a social networking web site that allows you to: Catalog a collection of your favorite books and access your catalog from any Internet-accessible computer. Find out what other people are reading and share books with people who have similar reading interests. Get recommendations/suggestions for what to read based on your interests. Write … Continue reading For Book Lovers

Open Library Book Project

A recent Wired Campus article from the Chronicle of Higher Education provides an update on Open Library, a massive project to create and maintain a public access information clearinghouse on ALL the world's books.  The project is being developed by the Internet Archive's  Open Content Alliance.  The alliance "aims to build a universally accessible and publicly editable … Continue reading Open Library Book Project

Scholarly Research – Google vs. Librarians

A recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Librarians Find a Place in a 'Web 2.0' World, directs attention to Thomas Mann's essay, The Peloponnesian War and the Future of Reference, Cataloging, and Scholarship in Research Libraries.  This essay examines the: priniciples and practices of reference services and cataloging; the differences between quick information seeking and … Continue reading Scholarly Research – Google vs. Librarians