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1. Double check to see if we have it by searching the Catalog to find an item that we own. Then check WorldCat to determine if the item is available at other libraries.

2. Requesting an item from another library to be mailed to Reynolds Libraries (Interlibrary Loan): If Reynolds Libraries doesn't have the item, students, faculty, and staff can request it online via the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL).

3. Checking out an item directly from a local library: The Cooperative Borrowing Program allows current Reynolds students, faculty, and staff to borrow library materials directly from participating academic libraries. Local participating institutions include: John Tyler, University of Richmond, Randolph-Malcon, VCU, VSU, and VUU

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Lending Options

Interlibrary Loan Cooperative Borrowing Public Library
Available to: Current Reynolds Students, Faculty, Staff Current Reynolds Students, Faculty, Staff Everyone
Owning library: All library types Participating VIVA academic libraries Local public libraries
Your time frame: Minimum 7-10 business days Immediate Immediate
Pick up/return: At Reynolds At owning library At owning library
Borrower policies: Set by owning library Set by owning library Set by owning library
Type of borrower ID needed: Proof of ID Reynolds ID card Library card

To find out if a local library owns an item, check WorldCat or the local lending library's website. Here is a list of some local public libraries and their websites:

Downtown Library

Room 230
700 E. Jackson Street
Richmond, VA 23219

804.523.5333 (Reference)

Goochland Library

Room 200
Building C20 1851 Dickinson Road
Goochland, VA 23063

804.523.5419 (Reference)

Parham Library

Room 103 Massey LTC
1651 East Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23228

804.523.5329 (Reference)

Kitchens Career Resource Center

Room 215
2500 Nine Mile Road
Richmond, VA 23223