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You can now browse and access digital magazines on your computer, tablet, or phone. Click on any of the magazines to view it within your browser.

Use the Flipster app, available through the iTunes store for Apple devices, and on the Google Play store for Android devices, to download magazines for offline reading.

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    Downtown Library

    Room 230
    700 E. Jackson Street
    Richmond, VA 23219

    804.523.5333 (Reference)

    Goochland Library

    Room 200
    Building C20 1851 Dickinson Road
    Goochland, VA 23063

    804.523.5419 (Reference)

    Parham Library

    Room 103 Massey LTC
    1651 East Parham Road
    Richmond, VA 23228

    804.523.5329 (Reference)

    Kitchens Career Resource Center

    Room 215
    2500 Nine Mile Road
    Richmond, VA 23223