The Libraries and Tutoring Centers of Reynolds Community College will provide an inclusive environment where students, faculty, staff, and public can attain their learning and teaching needs, develop strong lifelong information literacy skills, and provide access to information to encourage free inquiry.

Focusing on student success, the libraries and tutoring centers will partner with faculty to integrate services into campus and online courses to support students at their place of need, both physically and mentally. We will further support curriculum by bringing attention to cost reduction initiatives, supporting faculty in the development of open educational resources (OER), and highlighting diverse content and voices. Not only will we provide services that allow users to obtain and evaluate information from many different sources in varying formats, but also offer support for planning, researching and completing academic work to improve the quality of student learning. Finally, we will ensure students don’t feel alone in their academic journey by establishing and maintaining a lasting culture of community with a high level of customer service. Our overall focus will translate into improved student success.

In support of this mission, the libraries and tutoring centers are:

A resource of professional staff supporting students in enhancing their knowledge and practice of research and critical thinking skills

Collaborative spaces for the Reynolds community to encourage the development of learning communities and group work across diverse disciplines

Accessible student-centered spaces for group or individual work as well as quiet study, advancing communication and dialogue

Intellectual hubs ensuring access to quality, cost-effective resources and tools in accessible formats