New business & technology database – O’Reilly for Higher Education

Check out our new business & technology database, O’Reilly for Higher Education. This digital collection which replaces the Safari eBooks database, includes more than 38,000 book titles and more than 30,000 hours of video. Topics range from programming to IT networking to project management to graphic design to business strategy to career development. The O’Reilly … Continue reading New business & technology database – O’Reilly for Higher Education

Introducing Kanopy video streaming!

We are happy to introduce Kanopy video streaming to the Reynolds community! Kanopy provides  access to one of the most unique collections of films in the world – including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases – on every topic imaginable. They also have a significant number of art-house and indie films. Total, there are over 26,000 films … Continue reading Introducing Kanopy video streaming!

New semester, new computers @ Reynolds Library

All three Reynolds Campus Libraries installed new computers this summer! Features include: Touchscreen—mouse optional Large 19 inch monitor—bigger work space All in one units—more space on the desk for YOUR gear Blistering fast processor—get schoolwork done in record time All of our workstations still have the tools students need for their research and projects, including … Continue reading New semester, new computers @ Reynolds Library

Snopes for Images: @PicPedant

Pyramids and the Milky Way?   No, not really. How do you know the image you are viewing is a real photograph and not a computer-generated image? YOU DON’T. Never fear, the attribution angel is here! @PicPedant takes images found online—often from reblogging sites like BuzzFeed and Tumblr— finds the original author and attributes them. … Continue reading Snopes for Images: @PicPedant

A library without books: BiblioTech

BiblioTech, part of the Bexar County Digital Library, is a library without a book. Instead of print books, BiblioTech provides computers, ereaders, tablets and laptops to patrons. Located in a low-income neighborhood where Wi-Fi is rare, San Antonio's, BiblioTech is technology lifeline for patrons. What does a library without books provide? 10,000 book titles, all … Continue reading A library without books: BiblioTech

iPad and eBooks: Library in your Pocket

Library in your Pocket series: iPad and eBooks @ Reynolds Library Check out how EBSCOhost eBooks work with your iPad! Library in your Pocket: Go Mobile @ Reynolds Library Guide The guide outlines how each type of Reynolds Library eBook works with iPad. EBSCO eBooks Films on Demand OverDrive Audio Safari Sciverse Springer And also … Continue reading iPad and eBooks: Library in your Pocket