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IMPORTANT: If you are a community member (or anyone WITHOUT a MyReynolds login), you MUST first create an account.



IMPORTANT: please read the following before proceeding! Only create a new user account if you are a community member (or anyone WITHOUT a MyReynolds login). Your account will only be active for 24 hours & will then expire. ONLY add enough funds for printing for that day only. Any unused funds will expire after 24 hours and no refunds will be given. Write USERNAME & PASSWORD down! Library staff CANNOT reset the account if you lose login info. Visit the FAQ or see a library staff member for more info.

Click here to visit the PaperCut login page and click on “REGISTER AS A NEW USER” (Use EMAIL, USERNAME, AND PASSWORD of your choice)


The kiosks are conveniently located in each campus library. Please see library staff if you have any difficulty locating.
Use the attached physical keyboard to enter login info. Some kiosks have card readers that will allow you to use your student ID for easier access: simply swipe your card to login. If you do not have a MyReynolds login or student ID, be sure to create a new user account first.

Use the bill or coin insert slots to add cash to your Papercut account. The vending machine accepts $5 bills, $1bills, quarters, dimes and nickels. Do not insert pennies or one dollar coins.

Logout by touching the “Done” button. You will automatically be logged out after one minute.


For most programs, you can enter Print by holding down the “Ctrl” key and hitting the “P” key.
Click on “Properties” only if you want to change from 1-Sided to 2-Sided printing and/or B/W (Gray Scale) to Color (Auto Color). Black and white 1-sided printing is the default. B/W printing is $.10 per page and Color is $.30 per page.
Enter your MyReynolds login (for public patrons enter the username and password you created). Once you enter login info and click “OK”, a message will display in lower corner that your job is held in a queue. You are now ready to release the job at the printer.
Upon swiping card or typing login, a message will display your remaining balance and the number of print jobs you have waiting to be released. Click “Ok” to continue.

Select “Delete” if you no longer want the print job.

A confirmation screen will pop to ask if you want to logout. The system will automatically log you out after one minute of inactivity.
When you are done with all your printing at the computer, PLEASE double click on the PaperCut LogOut icon on the computer desktop! This will ensure the next user will not accidently print from your account.

Web Printing (laptops/mobile devices)


If copying multiple pages, you can also choose 2-side printing from the menu options.

A confirmation screen will pop to ask if you want to logout. The system will automatically log you out after one minute of inactivity.



  • Black and white is $0.10 (10 cents)
  • Color is $0.30 (30 cents).
  • Cost is per side. For instance, a two-sided black and white copy would cost $0.20 ($0.10 per side).
  • Users can add money to their PaperCut account cash or coins (nickels, dimes and quarters.) No pennies, please.
  • PaperCut cannot make change.
  • The vending machines will accept $5, $1, quarters, dimes and nickels. No pennies or dollar coins, please.
  • No change is available from the vending machines.
  • Users can load up to $15 on their accounts.


Contact library staff for assistance.

No. Patrons must use the vend stations in the library to add money.


  • Current students already have an account created; use your MyReynolds account.
  • Community members need to create an account for themselves at Before creating a community account, please read this important information.
  • Faculty and staff may not already have accounts created for them; faculty and staff are welcome to create an account for personal use if they are unable to log in with their MyReynolds credentials.
  • Community accounts require an email
  • Student accounts remain in the system for one semester after the student is no longer enrolled. For example, if you take classes in the spring semester, your PaperCut account will still work through the summer semester, even if you do not take classes.
  • Former students whose PaperCut accounts have ended will need to create community member accounts. Community member accounts expire daily.
  • Students have at least one semester after active course enrollment ends to use their remaining balance.
  • Community member accounts expire daily.
  • The library recommends adding only the funds you will actually use in that session. Users can add coins and bills. Refunds cannot be given for expired PaperCut accounts; please monitor your balance carefully.
  • Using your student ID card makes collecting your prints easier, but it is not required. Students can pick up their prints at the printer by swiping their student ID cards.
  • Students can login with their MyReynolds account at the printer if they do not have their card.
  • Students can reset their passwords on their MyReynolds accounts, which will also reset their PaperCut account.
  • Community members cannot retrieve or reset passwords or usernames; community members will need to create a new account. Community member accounts expire daily 24 hours.
  • Community members will need an email account to create an account in PaperCut.
  • Community members will create their own username and password.
  • If a community member forgets their PaperCut login, they will need to create another account, and will lose the funds in the forgotten account.
  • Library staff cannot recover or reset logins and passwords. Library recommends that community members load only the amount of funds that can be used during one session to avoid loss.

Visit and login to PaperCut to view your remaining balance online; you can also login to the Kiosk at your campus library to view your balance.


  • Students will either swipe their student ID card or login with their MyReynolds account.
  • Community members will login with their self-created community member account.
  • Users will then see their print jobs waiting to be released.
  • click here for visual guide
  • Yes, you can send your print job from any location that has internet access. You can also use your mobile device (laptop, iPad, etc.)
  • Login to PaperCut via Be sure to select the correct printer and type of printer (examples: GoochlandColor, ParhamBlackandWhite). Prints can then be released from any library printer on that campus.
  • Library computers will default to the printers at that campus.
  • Mobile and off-campus users will need to choose their campus and type of printer when their print job is sent. Examples: GoochlandColor, ParhamBlackandWhite

Print jobs will be held in the system for 24 hours and then will expire. Users should resend their print job if their documents do not appear.

  • Yes. Though both the computer and printer are set to time out/log out after a few minutes (computer-5 minutes, printer-2 minutes), the library recommends logging out of both after each session.
  • A logout icon is provided on the library computers.

No. You will have to resend the print job and reprint it.

Print jobs cannot be extended. We recommend resending the job.

  • Students can swipe their card or login at the printer to photocopy.
  • Community members can login at the printer to photocopy.
  • click here for visual guide

Scanning can be done to a flash drive at no cost. Bring your own flash drive!

Students will send the scanned document to a printer from a computer, just like any document.

  • PaperCut systems recognize exactly when the print job has jammed, so it will not charge for the missing pages.
  • Users should contact library staff for assistance with jams and other technical issues.